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Just Energy in New York

Residents in the Empire State aren’t always impressed when you say something is big. New York is home to some of the biggest buildings, biggest companies and biggest personalities in the world. New York is also where customers can find one of the biggest green energy retailers in North America – Just Energy.

But green energy is just one of many products offered by Just Energy. Since 1997, Just Energy has been providing competitive electricity and natural gas supply to more than 1.8 million accounts. If you live in a deregulated market and have decided to start shopping for better electricity or natural gas supply rates, Just Energy might be just what you’re looking for.

Just Energy in NY: How it works

Many people in New York simply pay their electricity and gas bills every month without thinking about the energy supply rates and other fees they are being charged.

What you may not realize is that if you live in a deregulated market, then you may have the chance to compare energy supply rates from competing energy services companies. These companies will not replace your existing utility service or delivery, but can offer you different supply rates on your electricity and/or gas from month to month.

Just Energy is one of the energy services companies in New York that can help you manage your electricity supply rates as well as offer you innovative plans, green energy and more. That's the beauty of a competitive market.

Join Just Energy and its mission to “revolutionize how our customers use energy.”

Just Energy rates in NY

In gambling when something is fixed, it’s a sure thing – a done deal. With Just Energy prices in NY, when you get a fixed-rate plan your electricity supply rates become a sure thing. A fixed-rate plan, or price-protection plan, protects you from the unpredictable nature of the economy by locking in your energy supply rate. You will be able to better plan for the future knowing that you'll have steady Just Energy rates. New York customers are making the switch to plans like these for the ultimate in peace-of-mind.

If you aren’t comfortable committing to a long-term contract, Just Energy has other options that may better suit your needs. Try a variable-rate program which will allow you to have a month-by-month energy solution. You can still get the great service and Just Energy rates in New York, but with the flexibility of a rate that moves with the market. That means you can take advantage of market lows, introductory prices and more. Because New York is in a deregulated market, you can choose which one of these plans will work best for you.

When you do decide to make the switch to Just Energy in your New York home, you won’t even notice a blip in the changeover of your service. That's because your current utility will still be accountable for maintenance and delivery. Just Energy will simply start providing you your new energy supply rates!

Natural gas and energy rates are always on the move – lock in a Just Energy rate in New York today to make for a better, more energetic future.

Just Energy is a publicly traded corporation (NYSE:JE and TSX:JE) and a parent to affiliate companies Amigo Energy, Commerce Energy, Hudson Energy, Hudson Energy Solar, National Home Services, Momentis, Tara Energy and Terra Grain Fuels.

Updated: 7-27-2015