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Con Edison: New York City Power and Gas

If you live in New York, Con Edison is probably a name you've heard quite often. That's because Con Edison provides electric service in New York City and most of Westchester County, along with natural gas service to Manhattan as well as other parts of New York.

Con Edison & New York: Humble beginnings

New York City was the capital of the United States until 1790. Only 33 years later history was made when the New York Gas Light Company, Con Edison’s earliest company entity, was founded in 1823.

By 1824, New York Gas Light was put on the New York Stock Exchange, and holds the record for being the stock that has been on the NYSE the longest. Sixty years later a handful of companies merged to make the Consolidated Gas Company, and in 1936 the name was changed to Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. When the deregulation of the utility industry occurred in New York in the late 90s, Consolidated Edison, or Con Edison Energy, was born.

Con Edison Energy NY: Fun facts

  • In NY, Con Edison gas system has more than 7,000 miles of pipes.
  • As one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the country, Con Edison handles nearly $14 billion in annual revenues.
  • Con Edison of NY operates the largest commercial steam system in the world. It provides steam service to nearly 1,600 commercial and residential institutions in New York City.
  • Thomas Edison’s Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York began supplying electricity in lower Manhattan in 1882. Edison had 59 customers, thus beginning Con Edison’s electric business.
  • The Con Edison of NY network of underground cable is enough to wrap around the Earth 3.6 times – that’s almost 93,000 miles.
  • Con Edison is the direct result of acquisitions, dissolutions and mergers of almost 200 gas, steam and electric companies.
  • New York became a deregulated market on January 1, 1998.

Con Edison rates in New York

Whether you are going shopping for new golf clubs or a new watch, the fun of it is having options. Can you imagine being forced to buy a driver that messed up your back swing just because it was the only one available? Not likely. Con Edison NY gives you options you need to make the right decision for you and your family.

PowerYourWay – This option lets you choose who you buy your electricity and natural gas supply from. This just gives you more power over your home life or business. You can choose which energy service, and once you do you give it your Con Edison account number it will enroll you in its program ASAP. Con Edison will continue to read your meter and handle service calls for you.

Time-of-Use – This option encourages New Yorkers to reduce their energy usage during peak hours. When you choose this program, you will be charged for electricity depending on what time of day you use it. You’ll have lower rates on the weekends, any holidays and weeknights, but higher energy rates at other times.

Steam – Con Edison New York rates will often differ from what you may find available from energy supply companies. While Con Edison will always be responsible for delivering and maintaining your power supply, you may find different supply rates through competitive retailers. It's up to you to make the choice.

Updated: 7-27-2015