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Ambit Energy in New York: Electricity and Natural Gas Supply

Energy deregulation is relatively new to many New Yorkers, but that doesn't mean it isn't something you should learn more about. Energy services companies like Ambit Energy are now able to offer you different supply rates and plans on your electricity and natural gas supply. You don't have to change a thing about the way your energy is delivered or maintained. Your utility company will always handle that. But thanks to retail providers like Ambit Energy, New York homeowners and businesses may have the chance to shop around for better energy supply rates.

With services in Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey and New York, Ambit Energy has been named a Fastest Growing Privately Held Company by Inc. 500 and made a name for itself among the leading retail electricity providers in the country. Thanks to companies like Ambit Energy, New York energy shoppers have even more choices when it comes to their energy rates.

Whether you are looking for residential electricity or looking to improve your business energy efficiency, with Ambit Energy, New York residents can shop for rates that will fit their budget. There are even green energy options so you can grow your business, while also planting the seeds for a brighter and healthier future for the environment.

Ambit Energy rates in New York: It’s better to give than receive

This year, as a New York Ambit Energy customer, you may be eligible for extra incentives.When you first sign up as an Ambit Energy customer in New York, you get more than a welcome that just consists of an email and a pat on the back.

You can make yourself eligible to receive free energy by referring your friends and family members to make the switch and get Ambit Energy rates. New York residents love to spread the word about a great deal! Refer a minimum of 15 paying customers and you’ll receive a credit on your next bill that equals the average amount of their payments.

Travelling is a passion for many New Yorkers – it can get pricey though. You could get a little help from Ambit Energy in New York by earning rewards points. For every kilowatt of power you use, points come your way.

Remember when you were referring your friends and family for free energy? Just refer five customers and Ambit Energy sends you on vacation. You can choose a package that’s 45,000 points or less that might even include airfare for two – or a cruise. Bump those five customers up to 15 and that’s when you start reaping the benefits of free energy.

As with all energy providers in New York, Ambit Energy promotions and incentives are subject to availability.

Updated: 7-27-2015