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Electric Companies: New York

New York is iconic, but the bright lights in the Big Apple also means big energy usage. What you may not realize, however, is that electric companies in New York are open to competition. If you live in a deregulated portion of the state, you may get to choose who supplies your energy – just another way that New York stands out from the rest of the country.

Energy services companies in New York: Shop 'til you Drop

New York State is a mecca for football fans and fashion fiends. In between shopping for this season's latest trends or your new "Manning" jersey, there's something else you should add to your to-do list: comparing energy services companies.

Energy services companies don't take the place of your standard utility. Instead, they offer you alternatives when it comes to how much you pay for your electricity supply. Each retail electric company in New York has something to offer, and all you have to do is begin the search for your perfect ESCO, or energy services company. New York thrives on competition, which is why there is a competitive market for electric companies. Most states don't have a choice, and their incumbent energy companies get to control their supply rates without any say or additional customer input.

So, if your utility company is going to continue to deliver your electricity and maintain the power lines, what can an energy services company offer? For starters, many energy services companies in New York offer renewable energy options and innovative pricing plans. That includes plans with fixed-rate pricing options. Having a fixed-rate pricing plan basically means you agree on a monthly supply rate that won't fluctuate throughout your contract, no matter what happens to market prices. So even though the economy is unpredictable, your energy supply rates won't be.

If you don't want to commit to a year-long contract, you could choose a month-to-month supply rate pricing plan. It's just how it sounds – your energy supply rate will fluctuate depending on the market and the controls your electricity provider puts into place. These supply rates still may be very different from what your utility is offering, and are definitely worth a look.

Green Energy vs. Brown Energy

New York gives life to careers in Manhattan and to families out in the picturesque suburbs, but you can give a better life for future generations by going green. Green energy is available from many electric companies now, but it's important to first understand the fundamental differences between green energy and brown energy.

Brown energy, which has been the standard for decades, is known to pollute the environment. The source of this energy comes from non-renewable sources, fossil fuels like coal and oil, and cannot be naturally replenished at the rate in which they are consumed.

On the other end of the spectrum is green energy. Sources for green energy come from renewable sources, like the sun and wind, which are plentiful. Hydropower and biomass are also examples of renewable sources of energy. Since green energy doesn't put a strain on the environment, its benefits are endless. In most electric companies, green energy is more expensive than brown energy. Currently, New York relies heavily on oil and other fossil fuels, but if we can begin to eliminate them as an energy source, then energy becomes one less oil-dependent market.